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Furthur Live at Sovereign Center on 2010-11-16

by Furthur

Sovereign Center
Reading, PA
November 16th, 2010

Source: Shure VP88 M-S > Marantz PMD 661
Lineage: SDHC > iMac > Audiofile Wave Editor (tracking, fades, VST M-S Matrix) > FLAC

Recorded, transferred and posted by DigiGal

Description: ** 16-bit/44.1 Khz **

disc 01 [Set I]
01 Tuning / Crowd
02 Celebration
03 Big River
04 Bertha
05 Sittin' On Top Of The World
06 High On A Mountain
07 Greatest Story Ever Told
08 China Cat Sunflower
09 Come Together

disc 02 [Set II]
01 Tuning
02 Playin' In The Band
03 Colors Of The Rain
04 The Wheel
05 Uncle John's Band
06 Let It Grow

disc 03 [Set II - Cont.'d]
01 Warf Rat
02 Help On The Way
03 Slipknot
04 Born Cross-Eyed
05 Slipknot
06 Franklin's Tower
07 Encore Break/Donor Rap
08 E: Johnny B. Goode

Collection Furthur
Band/Artist Furthur
Venue Sovereign Center
Location Reading, PA

Source Shure VP88 M-S > Marantz PMD 661
Lineage SDHC > iMac > Audiofile Wave Editor (tracking, fades, VST M-S Matrix) > FLAC
Taped by DigiGal
Transferred by DigiGal


Location: Mic stand 13 ft high in official tapers section, 1st row centered behind soundboard 75 ft from stage.

Recorded the mid-side mic outputs directly. This version is a medium stereo ambience
version of the original MS recording that is matrix'd with the side level 1.9 dB lower
than the mid. Tracked out to fit on three audio CD's as indicated.


Phil Lesh - bass & vocals
Bob Weir - guitar & vocals
Jeff Chimenti - keyboards
John Kadlecik - guitar & vocals
Joe Russo - drums
Sunshine Becker - vocals
Jeff Pehrson - vocals

SHN ID: 113249


Reviewer: hashygooball - - January 27, 2011
Subject: a gnarly show -
Wow. These guys are really playing well ! a nice china cat but a sick wharf rat....colors of the rain also really solid! going to four shows of the five night run in march in UPPER DARBY!!!!!! and im bringin yo mama!

Reviewer: sondlerd - - January 7, 2011
Subject: Great show
The first set starts out a little slow but they certainly pick it up half way through the first set and it is full on in the second set. The entire band showed up in full spirits that night. I was there grinning ear to ear, they sounded great.

I keep listening to Bertha, Greatest Story Ever Told, The Wheel, Warf Rat, Slipknot->Born Cross Eyed -> Slipknot-> Franklin's Tower. GSET, Warf Rat and Franklin's Tower were my favorites.

From Playing in the Band to Let it grow, there was non stop jamming for almost an hour. It was truly a significant night for Furthur. They are playing so well together, Jerry, and the late band members must be proud.

Thanks for posting the audio!

See you one of the 5 nights at Tower in March '11.
Reviewer: wharfrat77 - - December 23, 2010
i went and saw furthur at the mann center over the summer and was amazed by how truly incredible this band was but when i went to the show on 11/16 i turned into a huge FURTHUR FAN GSET-->china cat-->come together, wharf rat, playing in the band, help on the way, franklin's tower had my face stolen and my bones shakin cant wait for the shows at the tower theatre!
Reviewer: spring mountain high - - December 1, 2010
Subject: better than expected
first further show...far more energy than 'the dead', imho

fully agree that the playing rose above the setlist(not that the setlist was shabby), but even with the good ol GD, you had to ignore the setlist and listen to the music play

i enjoyed myself...reading is a great place to see a show...good venue...phil and bob genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves as well...from the little i've heard of other 'further' music, this seemed better, so 4 stars in the context of this band

highlights for me: GSET, china cat->come together, the wheel, let it grow, help->slip->born cross eyed->slip->frank's

john is a great replicator of jerry's style, but i have a feeling if he wasn't doing that he'd be super-whitebread in a rush tribute band or something like that...his playing was appropriate for the context, but a little to perfect and soulless

i would see this band again if they played reading again, or perhaps penn's peak...but would not travel much beyond a 25 mile radius for it
Reviewer: Deadhead312 - - November 29, 2010
Subject: Great Show
Loved the show, but I was sorely disappointed when they went from China Cat into Come Together b/c I Know You Rider is one of my favorites.
Reviewer: donu - - November 24, 2010
Subject: A night of them doing what they do best!
Amazing musicianship and a nice tour of the universe!!
Reviewer: G. Ganter - - November 22, 2010
Subject: Glimpse of future
The end of the Greatest Story really opens up gorgeously. The China Cat> Come Together is also fantastically well paced and developed, and a preview of what they did on Sunday night at Madison Square. They are channeling the gods there, and Jerry would be proud.
Reviewer: PHILLYW - - November 22, 2010
Subject: Height Matters
I was sitting by the soundboard and had some difficulty hearing lead guitar. Could it be middle (old) age? No problem on this recording though. Thanks DigGal for a fine specimen.
Reviewer: zenm00n - - November 21, 2010
Subject: Awesome
A good ex. of the the fact that it's the playing not the setlist that matters. A truly wonderful upbeat show where everybody in the band is in the 'Zone'.

The songs and the vocals are strong, the jams flowing and inspired. Everything we love about Bob, Phil and the rest of this stellar band.
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Source: AKG CK91[MK90/3]/SE300B > Marantz PMD 661
by Furthur
Source: Shure VP88 M-S > Marantz PMD 661
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Source: Shure VP88 M-S > Marantz PMD 661
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Source: Shure VP88 M-S > Marantz PMD 661
Source: Shure VP88 M-S > Marantz PMD 661